At Alpine Northwest, we're wholly committed to your growth.  To facilitate this, it's important that we remove as much distraction as we can.  Comfortable accommodation and a peaceful, natural surrounding are quintessential to this end. We seek out rustic lodges with character, all over the world to provide attendees the opportunity to share knowledge and experience in comfort. More information regarding your specific workshop's location will be included in your registration process.  


The highest quality food is another essential part of the Alpine Northwest experience.  It's why we source our ingredients locally from Organic farmers and suppliers who take pride in the food that they grow.   It's also why we cook a majority of our meals from scratch, pulling from the Gastronomic traditions of the many regions we visit.  Our experienced kitchen staff is onsite the whole weekend keeping the coffee and tea hot, and topping up on all the healthy fruit/nut/seed snacks you can eat.  We believe that a dedication to a healthy lifestyle enables an artist to reach new levels of excellence.  Clean bodies, clear minds, and creativity will flow.


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80% Local. 90% Organic.  100% Delicious.


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