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We really do mean adventure.  Surfboards, big waves, early morning lake dives, treks to awe-inspiring mountain tops, and towering evergreens are just a few of the perks.  One of our core principles as an organization is that there is inherent truth and beauty in the earth and that much of our hunger for adventure is really about discovering more of it.  We believe that as instructors we're here to set focus, guide direction, and bring people into a context in which real and lasting learning happens.  We've found that by venturing out to the  wild places, or even just experiencing the edge of wild places, a deep and often untapped part of our consciousness opens and gains access to new levels of information and creativity.   As artists, we spend a lot of time strengthening and cohabiting the highly creative parts of our brains.  Connecting to a source of grounding and allowing one's mind to calm can make the difference between a good artist and a truly great one.  Seeking adventure and edge experiences in natural settings has proven to be a most powerful tool for us to achieve grounding and calm and to reach deeper into our art form.

Q. Where is the workshop held?

The workshop is held in any number of Earths characteristically breathtaking wilderness accesses or National Park areas all over the world.  Alpine Northwest provides comfortable lodging and accommodations so our guests can focus on the content and the learning.  We select accommodations with close proximity to pristine wilderness areas, glacial-carved lakes with brilliant clear blue waters, full rushing rivers, and snow capped mountain peaks.  Our accommodations are generally within 1-3 hours of the wilderness and landmark locations we intend to shoot.  

Q. How is the food? 

At Alpine Northwest, we specialize in providing professional organic cuisine with a menu inspired by our Northwest traditional roots.  We source our proteins and vegetables locally and source as much of our grain as locally as we can.  We aren't a 100% Organic organization but source everything Organically that is feasible while keeping food costs reasonable.  Simply put, you'll be getting top quality food.

Q. What stuff is provided? What do I need to bring?

One point we can't stress enough, EACH WORKSHOP IS GEAR SPECIFIC and once you sign up you'll be provided a suggested gear list in ample time prior to travel.  Generally though, once you arrive at  our base-camp, we provide all of the food, drinks, and snacks you'll need.  It's highly necessary to bring a sleeping bag or blanket of choice as well as a pillow (we suggest picking up a blow-up camping pillow as they can be comfortable and pack very small!)  For summer workshops day temperatures stay pretty comfortable, but the temperature can still drop into the 40's at night, so prepare for adequate sleep with adequate sleeping things.  During Spring and Fall workshops, it's almost always chilly, so make sure to pack really warm and comfy things!  We'll have some extra blankets on hand for those who've under-estimated, but they aren't endless. 

Q. What Experience Level is required to attend?

This workshop will be ideal for photographers who have at least one year of experience running their own business, although we are confident the atmosphere will provide invaluable information and experience for anyone who chooses to attend! As for outdoor activities go, our guides are comfortable working with all experience levels. You do not need to have any previous experience with yoga, ropes, or even hiking to participate in our activities.

Q. when are the workshop start and stop times?

Our regular weekday workshops(non-destinations) start at 5:00pm on Mondays and end at 10:am on Fridays.  THIS CAN CHANGE.  Every workshop is unique, so be sure to check the product description prior to purchase, or the student letter you receive in the months prior to the workshop!   The day/number of the month for your specific workshop of course depends on which workshop you're attending.  Regardless, you'll be receiving detailed location and time information for the workshop in the student's section once you register.

Our Destination Workshops will ALWAYS have custom start-stop times!  Find your workshops start/stop time in your specific gear list in the student section :)

Q. What airport should I fly into?

Whether you're flying nationally or internationally, we'll provide our suggestion on which airport you should fly into.   Additionally, we always provide detailed information regarding our suggested route to arrive at each workshops specific camp location.

Q. How do I get to and from the workshop? Trains/cars/segways?  or what?

Shuttle availability is very unlikely to and from our workshops because our camp locations are almost always rural and remote.  We highly suggest renting a vehicle in order to: 1) Give yourself the freedom of time and mobility to ensure your timely arrival at camp. 2) Ensure that you can travel in-between our camp location and our shooting locations. 3) Ensure your timely departure from camp and arrival back at the airport for your flight home!  We will generally set up a ride-sharing post on our private facebook group to help support our students figure out a way for multiple students to share the costs and logistics of renting cars for the workshop!  It should be noted though that we simply have no capacity to ensure or fully adjudicate rides to and from our camp and our shooting locations for students due to the immense scope of the logistics of 25-75 people's travel plans.  However, we'll certainly do what we can to help!  FOR OUR INTERNATIONAL DESTINATIONS WORKSHOPS, we will very likely suggest that you use public transit, trains, trolleys, etc. It depends on the country and how good their public transit is vs. a rental car.  Either way, you'll be provided either by e-mail or in the student section with a detailed instruction on the location of the workshop and potential strategies for getting there.

Q. when is my final payment due?

If you've elected to pay half of your registration fee as a down payment, you'll need to complete your final registration payment by no later than 30 days prior to the first day of your workshop!  If you fail to do so, your spot and your down payment amount will be forfeit.  Once you register you'll be given access to a simple student section which has a payment portal for submitting additional tuition payments.  You can either choose to pay off the remaining balance all at once or pay in smaller portions over time, as long as your total tuition balance is received by no later than 30 days prior to the first day of your workshop!

Q. What if my plans change?

Our Return Policy: Cancellation for any reason other than catastrophic emergencies or "Acts of God" (as they're known in Insurance) will result in a 100% loss of your deposit amount UNLESS you find someone to take your spot!  We promise we're not trying to take your money for free.  We've found it necessary to protect ourselves from uncommitted consumers.  Please really mean it if you choose to purchase one of our limited spots :)

Q. What will be taught? What will instructors send me home with?

Every Alpine is different. At the same time, there are very consistent threads of content (and quality) that flow through all of our workshops.  You'll want to read the descriptions of the workshops you're interested in to more fully ascertain what content will be taught at each workshop.  Also, while most instructors do choose to teach with slide-shows, props, and info-graphics, we leave it up to them what they give each student to go home with.  Each instructor brings a different talent, a different set of tools, a different approach. We provide the context for students and other Industry professionals to meet and to share all of it, but we don't guarantee the handing out of any specific curriculum, action sets, existing teaching content, pamphlets, or booklets.  Rest assured, if you show up eager to learn, maintain your presence while you're with us, and take all the notes, you'll leave full.  Very full. 

Q. What if i’m an introvert and hate dance parties…?

If you’re coming to Moab, you can hang out with Abbi and her dog Charlie around the fire ;) If you’re headed to Iceland with us, Jordan’s always down to chat tax law….Honestly though, this workshop is inclusive and you don’t have to be a certain personality type to “fit in.” We work super hard to build an atmosphere that feels comfortable and enjoyable for everyone, while still having opportunities to push your own limits and try new things.

Have more questions?  We'd love to know what you want to know!

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