Alpine Elite: Fall Woman's Retreat • Sedona • October 7-11 2018

Alpine Elite: Fall Woman's Retreat • Sedona • October 7-11 2018

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Featuring: Wyn Wiley, Jordan Voth, India Earl, Carina Skrobecki, and Catherine Coons 

Near Sedona National Park • This workshop is an intentional feminine safe space! Please only apply if you identify as a woman.

After workshopping 200+ photographers/creatives/girl-bosses in the last 3 years, we've listened and honed in on the best ways to change your life as a photographer and as a person.  With so many workshops out there it can be hard for people to know where to invest, where to spend their money to actually maximize returns.  Alpine's Fall Retreat Workshop is a workshop you'll walk away from feeling more confident to go out on shoots, kick ass, and carry the confidence of successful business strategies for the coming season.  We want to share with you how to be smart with your time, resources, and simply put, share with you how to make more money.

We consistently help photographers in their journey to "the  $100,000k year", providing the knowledge and practices that cut YEARS out of booking weddings at and above $5,000.

We're thrilled to announce Fall-in-the-desert workshop experience deep and rich in both creative instruction and next-level economic/business templates.  Sedona is a hidden gem of a location and we're the first to offer this unique space and time for capturing the essence of the desert.   We've invited some of the industries top thinkers/creators/business people to provide a 4-day week of learning and transformation.  Quick note...if you haven't experienced an in-person learning from India, Jordan, or Wyn, you're in for a pleasantly powerful treat.  These people are POWERFUL, both in the business experience they carry, and in their ability to truly connect with students, to be a genuine friend, a support, a colleague.  Here's what to expect from our week together:

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Here's Some of what you get from your time with us:

  • We craft styled shoots during which a team of hiking guides helps us gain access to some of the most beautiful and adventurous locations in the heart of Sedona National Park.
  • Exclusive access to "the dream shoot" stylized shoots with engaging hands-on instruction. Come home with phenomenal portfolio content ready to revitalize and jump start your social profiles and posting habits.
  • Model/client interaction with live shooting coaching in breathtaking locations.
  • Lightroom/photoshop workflows, actions, and presets, live in-person editing with the instructors on the projector, and straight-from-their-computers editing sessions.
  • Pricing, Instagram growth + engagement strategies.  
  • We'll also be digging deep as a creative collective, into how to build, grow, and thrive as business people.
  • We work with instructors who are 100% available for any questions! None of this 2-hour-a-day lectures-only access. Ask anybody anything, at any time during the workshop.  (sleep/downtime/bathroom breaks excluded...)
  • Unlock access to the market forces that drive the photography industry, learn how to strategize your next year of business development and accurately target and thrive in your niche market through full group panel-based discussions and extensive Q&A times.
  • Small group breakdowns, both for discussing what might be holding you back, as well as each instructors specialty areas.
  • ALL FOOD AND LODGING IS INCLUDED.  Dietary and allergen sensitivities will be provided for!

Bridal Shoots

ooooohh the Bridal shoots....


Comparison of Value:

We totally understand that it can be difficult to justify the cost of a workshop.  We've proven time and time again that students who show up fully to their week with us and apply everything we give them end up with major increases both in their business revenue and in their satisfaction and comfort with being a wedding photographer.  Our instructors combine decades of hard-won wisdom that help our students rise to the top 5% of earners in the industry, skipping a lot of the missteps and mistakes that can cost you months if not years of progress.  If you do the work, you can measure your ROI (return on investment) in months, not years.

Here's a comparison of our level of access to these instructors outside of the workshop:

India Earl:

  • 6 hour mentor session
  • Pricing Guide Workshop
  • In person styled shooting coaching

Jordan Voth:

  • 6 hour mentor session

Wyn Wiley:

  • Full day mentor session
  • In person styled shooting coaching

Carina Skrobecki:

  • 6 hour mentor session
  • Branding and marketing guides

That's a total value of over $12,000...

Additional content included by All Instructors:

  • 4x10 hour days of open contact with all our instructors, asking questions, sharing stories, dancing, crying, all of it
  • Multiple Panel-style Q&A's each day, hours and hours open for all the questions.
  • Deep dive into the following topics:
    • Marketing & Branding
    • Styling shoots and client engagement
    • Business basics +
    • Data driven Economic strategies to provide incentive and confidence in your next 2 years of business building
    • Camp fires, Hosted bar, dance parties, hikes, laughter, the most beautiful Instagram stories ever...SO MUCH MORE!

So...Come to change your life.  We want you here and honestly, we're STOKED to see where you are 6 months after the workshop.  That's the real payoff for us :)