Final Three Spots! Scotland Registration • Featuring Wyn Wiley & India Earl • March 11-14 2019

Final Three Spots! Scotland Registration • Featuring Wyn Wiley & India Earl • March 11-14 2019


$2900 • March 11-14, 2019, Near Glencoe Scotland • March 11-14 2019 • LIMIT 25 STUDENTS

• This workshop is an intentional feminine safe space! Please only apply if you identify as a woman.

When we started Alpine we did so with this specific workshop series in mind.  One thing we've realized after traveling all over the world is that movement is in our blood.  Everything in the universe moves, so the call to travel is ingrained deep within us all.  Mark Twain presents our favorite sentiment regarding travel:  

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.”

We're STOKED to announce another Destination workshop in literally our favorite place on earth: Glencoe Scottland + the Scottish Highlands, with an Alpine power team: India Earl and Wyn Wiley. We may also be adding on other instructors as time draws nearer, but that's tbd.  Noelle, Braden, and the Alpine Amenities staff will be there in support, holding the space for the instructors and 25 students as we focus on the in’s and out’s of becoming a successful destination wedding photographer.

If your dream is to be flown to far off lands to shoot intimate weddings under waterfalls and on cliffsides and GET PAID TO DO IT, then this is the workshop for you. We will cover every area involved in becoming a traveling wedding photographer, from learning how to market yourself well, to shooting in every kind of lighting. Our goal is to help you close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your business.


Here's Some of what you get from your time with us:

  • Come hang out with us in the Highlands. Eat good food, stay up late talking around the crackling scottish fireplace, building lasting friendships with like-minded photographers in the experience of a lifetime. You won’t regret it.

  • The Basics:

    • How to stand out from the crowd and book your dream couples

    • Why creating meaningful connections with your couples is so important

    • How to capture authentic, emotion-filled images

    • Hands-on shooting technique, mastering all kinds of lighting, focus, white balance, and more

      • Workflow + editing, don’t let lightroom rule you, you rule lightroom

  • Economics for Entrepreneurs:

    • The power of knowing when to say YES! and more importantly when to say NO!!

    • Collaborators vs. Detractors and the "invisible hand" of networking.

    • Efficiency in growth:  Maintaining a "45°  Incline". (here's a hint, it almost never feels like consistent growth.  Time, tracking, and faith are the key factors in consistent growth).

  • Power in the face of fear:  Your "weaknesses" become the fuel of your passions.

  • Styled shoots in the rolling endless moss and heather of Glencoe Scotland.

  • ALL FOOD AND LODGING IS INCLUDED. Dietary and allergen sensitivities will be provided for!



in the magic of the Scottish Highlands with the cutest damn couples alive.

Comparison of Value:

We totally understand that it can be difficult to justify the cost of a workshop.  We've proven time and time again that students who show up fully to their week with us and apply everything we give them end up with major increases both in their business revenue and in their satisfaction and comfort with being a wedding photographer.  Our instructors combine decades of hard-won wisdom that help our students rise to the top 5% of earners in the industry, skipping a lot of the missteps and mistakes that can cost you months if not years of progress.  If you do the work, you can measure your ROI in months, not years.

Here's an average comparison based on what our instructors charge independently:

India Earl:

  • 6 hour mentor session

  • Pricing Guide Workshop

  • In person styled shooting coaching

Wyn Wiley:

  • Full day mentor session

  • In person styled shooting coaching

That's a total value of over $7,000!

Additional content included by All Instructors:

  • 25+ "active hours" of open contact with all our instructors, asking questions, sharing stories, dancing, crying, all of it

  • Multiple Panel-style Q&A's each day, hours and hours open for all the questions.

  • Deep dive into the following topics:

    • Marketing & Branding

    • Styling shoots and client engagement

    • Business basics +

    • Data driven Economic strategies to provide incentive and confidence in your next 2 years of business building

    • Camp fires, Hosted bar, dance parties, hikes, laughter, the most beautiful Instagram stories ever...SO MUCH MORE!

We were made to wander.  Seriously. 

Embrace it with us in Scotland and find yourself.