Set in the heart of the most wild and breathtaking wilderness areas in the world, our Adventure Photography Workshops provide the most authentic learning experience available.



At Alpine, we build cultural creators. 

We believe a photography workshop is one of the single greatest tools for professional photographers to strengthen their game in today's market. It's about more than words and ideas.  True growth comes from actively living experiences that push artists towards their edges, allowing them to break free from their usual artistic patterns.  We've found that bringing people into these edge experiences allows for more than just the assimilation of knowledge.  As each of us share our experiences, we begin to actively define trends in the market and assess how we as artists and business people can stand out and be noticed.  

Location is a crucial part of our template. From the breathtaking and inspiring setting of the Pacific Northwest, to the stark and arid deserts of Utah and Arizona, or high in the luscious green Alps of Switzerland and France, Alpine Adventure Photography Workshops allow those in attendance to lose themselves in the pristine beauty of  Earth's wildest places where an experience-based workshop unfolds more like an adventure than a lecture.  

Examples of what we strive for

  • Advanced Portrait shooting technique.
  • Advanced Wedding photography technique.
  • Lightroom editing and workflow experience.
  • Photoshop tips, tricks, and understanding actions.
  • Posing, shooting live, and client engagement.
  • Website, webpresence, and SEO.
  • Marketing, social media campaign management, and advertisement.
  • Efficient photography business management.